ACB-520 Airpad Bag Making Machine

Special Future

You have the possibility to produce your own void-filling and protective material on site, as needed and as demanded by your goods.

The easy operation of the ACB-502 allows to produce different sizes of pads needed by calling on the memorized programs.
You produce the exact quantity demanded by your immediate needs.
The innovative concept of producing your own protective material and the proven reliability of the ACB-502 machine have made it a system of choice among leading manufacturers and distribution centers.
The Airpad machine, model ACB-503, has been developed especially for customers with large packaging volumes and/or high packaging speeds.
A photocell permanently monitors the supply of packaging material in the storage container and automatically starts the machine as soon as this falls below a minimum stock level. This process ensures that the user has sufficient packaging material.


Versatility of Airpad film

By selecting the Airpad ACB-P502 or ACB-503, you are choosing a product which can be adapted to your current and future requirements. Both machines are able to process a wide range of films. If product protection and/or void filling are needed, our standard film can cover these requirements at any time. If antistatic protection is needed or the product is subject to extreme situations, either our antistatic film or the exceptionally strong multi-layer film can be used.

ACB Standard film

Versatility of Airpads

The large number of programs allows you to produce the most suitable Airpads for your product. Since both Airpad models can process a wide range of film qualities of various thicknesses, a virtually unlimited number of combinations and applications are possible. The number of combinations can be multiplied again by changing the air pressure used in the Airpads.

ACB Antistatic film

ACB Mulit-layer film

Airpad sizes:

  • Type L: 40 mm / 1 9/16"

  • Type L: 60 mm / 2 1/3"

  • Type L: 80 mm / 3 1/8"

  • Type L: 160 mm / 6 1/4"

  • Type XL: 160 mm / 6 1/4"

  • Type XXL: 160