AJFP  Fully Automatic File/Data Pocket Making Machine
AJFP-2L Fully Automatic 2 Lane File/Data Pocket Making
AJFP- Fully Automatic File/Data Pocket Making




Model Max-Cutting Size (WXL)(MM) Film Thickness (MM) Production Per Min. (PC) Ultrasonic Motor(HP) Heater(KW) Power Required(KW) Machine Size Measurement Size N.W.(KG) G.W.(KG)
AJFP-2L L80~355 W150~240 0.04~0.12 100-260 1200Wx2 4.5 1.5 4.5 300" 166" 70" 217" 72" 68" 3965 4430
173" 72" 68"
Spare Parts Tool Box Remark: owing to occasional improvement, above specification may therefore be modified without prior notice.


Servo control computer style data pocket sealing & cutting machine produces finished products as below:


  • This unit designed especially for all kinds of data pocket: from material infeeding to finished product, it may be completed on production line which will save labor cost and increase production capacity.
  • This unit may choose to use all kinds of precision and durable punching mold with very low breakdown rate, and may match punching sensor movement to make very precise punching position which is uneasy to run off.
  • This unit uses high quality, high performance parts to incorporate with all kinds of control and monitor systems.
  • This machine can be sealed and cut pp material or CPP material.
  • The raw materials of this machine and white small raw materials can connect the material automatically, do not need to shut down, but change the of the material artificially sparingly.



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