AJCF-350   Photo Album & Name Card Pocket Making Machine


Model Max-Cutting Size (WXL) Film Thickness (MM) Production Per Min. (PC) Motor(HP) Ultrasonic (Piece) Heater(KW) Power Required(KW) Machine Size Measurement Size N.W.(KG) G.W.(KG)
1200W 2600W L W H L W H
YS-06H-700-5UP 350~400 0.2~0.24 80-160 4 3 2 0.5 6 350" 64" 80" 192" 72" 60" 4252 4720
128" 72" 60"
YS-06H-700-5UP 350~400 0.2~0.24 80-160 4 3 3 0.5 6.5 365" 64" 80" 204" 72" 60" 4400 4870
128" 72" 60"
Spare Parts 1. Tool Box
2. Cutting Knife
Optional Equipment 1. Hot Stamping Device
2. Corner Rounding Punching Device
3. 6mm Or 8mm Hole Punching Device
Remark: owing to occasional improvement, above specification may therefore be modified without prior notice.


Photo album & name card pocket making machine produces finished products as below:


  • This machine is designed especially for all of kinds of 3-layer or 2-layer photo pocket andname card pocket. It could be fully automatically achieved from materials in feeding to finished products.
  • This machine applies 1200w and 2600w ultrasonic to firmly seal in order to operate with sealed mould in coordination. It was pleasing linear vertically and horizontally, it requiresonly changing mould for special standard samples.
  • This machine applies automatically servo-control system computer, it is easy to operate and is convenient to run with rubber-roller unit, operation process is under high and stable speed. Accomplished with high efficient spared parts to match all kinds of control and monitor systems. This will enable the machine to automatically stop if there are any problems during the process of operation. The alarm is also active to avoid wasting raw material and protect the machine itself.
  • All the material unwinds equip with pneumatic edge position controller (E.P.C.) to enable edge of product to be trimmed.





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